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Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries.

It is with the most profound regret that we report the death of one of our founder members, Vice President and former Chairman, Tony Shaw.


A serious athlete and long-distance runner in the 1960s, he worked as an area manager for the Cancer and Polio Research Fund football pools. Understanding well the power of prize-led fundraising to benefit a wider section of society, he was among the first to see the potential of the new freedoms of the 1976 Lotteries and Amusements Act to achieve this.

Whilst later working as Chief Executive and other senior levels at Crystal Palace, Millwall and Charlton Athletic Football Clubs he was consulted at Government level for his knowledge of lottery matters, being instrumental in moves to create a body representing lottery operators, in order not only to represent them, but also to educate them into the intricacies of lotteries legislation.

A founder member of the Executive Committee of the new Lotteries Council, he became Vice Chairman in 1979 and soon helped create a Code of Conduct Committee, annual conferences, and a bi-monthly magazine. He also introduced very popular regional meetings, always welcoming members with words such as “This is your meeting. The agenda is just to update you on recent developments. Please don't hesitate to raise any matter of concern that you may have.”

Serving as Chairman from 1985 to 1997, the longest tenure of any chairman to date, it was a very active time for the Council, but he also managed to combine that with periods as Executive Officer and Magazine Editor.

Tony’s experience made him a valuable resource of information, taking his role as Vice-President seriously and eager to help where he could. Until recent years he and his wife Pauline were constant attendees at the Council’s Annual Conferences.

He has been one of the most influential people to work within Society Lotteries and has helped achieve and establish the Lotteries Council as the voice of the sector.

Tony will be sadly missed by those of us who knew and worked with him.

The contribution of Tony Shaw to lottery fundraising nationwide is immeasurable.

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