• Application to join the Lotteries Council
  • Application to join the Lotteries Council
  • Application to join the Lotteries Council
  • Application to join the Lotteries Council
  • Application to join the Lotteries Council

Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries.

Application to join the Lotteries Council

An individual (trading or non-trading) or organisation established and engaged in activities connected with lawful lotteries may apply for membership of the Lotteries Council by completing the online application form below. Please note that new ventures contemplating licensed activities will be expected to be able to demonstrate evidence of how they will achieve compliance with Gambling Commission licence codes & conditions, or Local Authority regulations, as appropriate.

To apply, please fill out the online form below.

Your details:
Person to whom correspondence should be addressed:
Further details of applicant:
Type of registration/licence held or applied for by organisation. Please leave blank if not applicable.
Gambling Commission - non-remote licence
Applied for
Gambling Commission - remote licence
Applied for
Local Authority
Applied for
Please tell us how you found out about the Lotteries Council:

Please use the space below to provide the Board with information about the structure and purpose of your organisation.

Please use the space below to tell the Board about your organisation’s lottery activities or lottery services currently provided, including length of time involved, type of lottery (if applicable), and any other information you consider relevant.

Please use the space below to provide the name of an existing member who can provide a reference.

Category of membership required:

PLATINUM - External Lottery Managers, Printers and other Service Providers
GOLD - Gambling Commission Licenced Lottery Operators with a turnover of excess of £250,000 p.a.
SILVER - Local Authority Registered Lottery Operators with a turnover between £100,000 and £250,000 p.a.
PROVISIONAL - Organisations who are in the process of applying for a lottery licence from the Gambling Commission, but not be able to refer to themselves as "members"
ASSOCIATE - Lottery Operators (or individuals trading or non-trading) with a turnover of less than £100,000 p.a.

To find out more about membership categories please click here

Please note an additional fee of £25.00 is payable on joining or for lapsed membership.

Note this £25 is added to the cost of all new applications with the exception of 'Associate Members'.

In making this application I/we confirm as follows:
  1. I/we will pay the annual membership subscription in January (which may be varied from time to time by the Board of the Council) to be made via Direct Debit.
  2. I/we will abide by the Articles of Association of the Council.
  3. That all lottery schemes promoted by me/us and/or on our behalf will conform to all relevant laws, regulations and codes of conduct.
  4. I/we may not purport to speak on behalf of the Council unless duly authorised by the Board to do so.
  5. That I/we understand that applications for membership are considered by the Board of the Council, whose discretion is absolute and whose decision on an application is final.
  6. I/we agree that the following details about me/us can be available to other members of the Council (on the Members' Section of the Council's website and the Register of Members): Name, Organisation or other, Address, Telephone No., Email Address.
- - I/we Agree to all the above

Should your application be successful, we will invoice you for the appropriate amount, which would then be settled using Direct Debit.

- - I/we Agree to the privacy policy

Please check the information you have provided before submitting the form.

Thank you for your application.

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