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Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries.

When your organisation joins the Lotteries Council it becomes a part of a powerful team.

Here's what the Council will do for you:

  • We provide the authority and credibility required to support a Society Lottery operation with its potential contributors.
  • The Council represents our members at the highest level, giving access to points of influence which could otherwise be unattainable
  • The Council provides invaluable networking opportunities by meeting up with other society lottery operators
  • Membership gives access to sector specific legal advice on the 2005 Gambling Act including licencing as well as data protection and VAT advice on running a lottery
  • The Annual Conference and AGM is a great focus for lottery operators, providing excellent value for money
  • The Council & The Gambling Commission (the regulators) work closely together.
  • We champion the needs of all Society lottery promoters at Government level, being instrumental in influencing any changes to lottery law.
  • We contribute to the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) on your behalf, enabling members to use the RGT logo on any related literature and website.
  • We provide timely and accurate knowledge of changing legal and market conditions through regular bulletins and our website
  • The Council acts as a forum for the sharing of advice and knowledge among fellow members, through structured regional meetings
  • The Council has within its membership a number of individuals who have acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in all aspects of lottery operation who are available to advise both informally and formally on practical matters
  • All members agree to a Code of Practice and can thus be regarded as being responsible lottery operators by the public, legal authorities and potential contributors.
  • We provide up to date news of what is available in the market place
  • We can effect introductions to reliable and efficient lottery product suppliers.
  • We defend the reputation of the industry by self-regulation and close co-operation with the regulator and government.
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