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House of Lords Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry

The Select Committee published a call for evidence in July and invited submissions from all interested individuals and organisations. On lotteries specifically, it asked the following questions:

  • The restrictions on society lotteries were relaxed by the Gambling Act 2005, and there is concern that some of them are effectively being taken over by larger commercial lotteries. Is this concern well founded? If so, what should be done?
  • Should changes be made to the statutory regime governing the National Lottery, to bring it into line with the regime governing operators of other lotteries?

Details about the inquiry can be found here

Submissions were required by 6 September 2019 and the Council’s can be found here.

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee

The DCMS Select Committee announced an inquiry into the future of the National Lottery on 19 July. They sought written evidence on six questions:

  • What lessons should be learnt from the previous license periods in designing, awarding and managing the fourth National Lottery licence?
  • Is there need for greater flexibility to enable the licence to respond to changing consumer habits?
  • How should the next licence be structured to maximise returns for good causes?
  • What challenges will the next operator of the National Lottery face, and what can Government and the Gambling Commission do to mitigate against them?
  • What has been the impact of society lotteries, or other changes to the lottery market, on the main National Lottery draw?
  • How can lottery funding distributors be better supported to manage changing trends in receipts for good causes?

Full details can be found here

Submissions were requested by 31 August 2019 and the Council’s can be found here. The Committee has started to publish the evidence received and this can be found here

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