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Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries.

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Decimalisation of UK currency.

Working Party to consider feasibility of large scale charitable and sporting lotteries.

Graham Page MP, former Minister for Local Government, a prominent supporter.


Working Party Report published.


Graham Page introduces Private Member's Bill to establish a new Lotteries Act.

Invites Tony Shaw to observe debate.  Bill defeated despite substantial support.

Graham Page MP convenes meeting of local authorities, charities, sporting organisations and printers under the name of The Lotteries Council. Roger Cummins elected Secretary.

Tony Shaw vice Chairman.

Council occupies offices in Dover Street.

First Executive Committee Meeting of Lotteries Council held.

Tony Shaw and Michael Ewardes-Evans draft Constitution and Rules.

Later appointed Chairman and Legal Adviser of Code of Conduct Committee.


Graham Page knighted.

First National Meeting held at Lords Hilton included four members from Home Office.

Council lobbies for increase in monetary limits.


Lotteries limits doubled.

Second National Meeting of Council at Ladbroke Westmorland Hotel.

Sir Graham Page's opening address saw the role of the Council  as“ identifying and serving the common interests of the Council and through its Code of Conduct, creating and maintaining the highest standards of fairness and honesty.”

Sir Graham dies on 1st October.

Jack Dunnett MP elected Chairman.

Sir Hector Munro MP elected first President.

Council membership exceeds 200.


AGM held at Barbican Centre.

Quarterly magazine “Lottery” introduced.

Marketing Committee set up with help from Saatchi & Saatchi.


Lotteries boom in decline; local authority lotteries closing.

Council elected to full membership of International Association of State Lotteries.


Council changes address to Michael Edwardes-Evans' offices in SW1.

Chairman and Secretary attend state lottery congress in Bangkok.


Decline of shop-based lotteries continues.

Roger Cummins resigns; John Solly (Glamorgan CC) becomes Secretary.

David Blakemore (Warwickshire CC) becomes Vice Chairman.

Jack Dunnett MP resigns; Tony Shaw elected to Chair.

Tom Pendry MP replaces Sir Hector Munro as President.

AGM held at Hinckley, near Birmingham. 


First Annual Conference and AGM held at Warwickshire CC.

Speakers from Gaming Board, Legal Adviser and Council members. Feasibility of new 50p ticket limit discussed.


Roger Cummins instrumental in launching a National Health Lottery using multiple registrations.

Home Secretary announces Regulations to prevent multiple registrations and linked prizes.  Monetary limits to be increased to render practice unnecessary.


AGM and Conference held at Everton and Liverpool football clubs.


AGM & Conference held at West Bromwich FC over two days. Speakers included M. Gerard Coeur of France Lotto.


AGM & Conference again at West Bromwich.

Tom Pendry resigns as President.  Ken Hargreaves MP accepts presidency despite being in favour of a national lottery.

First regional meeting held at Liverpool FC; second at York.

Steering Committee set up to lobby against National Lottery. Organised mail campaign by members following the First Reading of Bill led to its defeat at Second Reading.


AGM & Conference at Man United FC.

Memorable for members' feelings against a national lottery and a lively Open Forum.

Seven regional meetings held that year.

Stan Orme MP agrees to become Vice President; later speaks against NL in Commons.

Gov't introduces National Lottery White Paper. Council sends opposing similar document to all MPs.

President loses seat in General Election; later steps aside in favour of Stan Orme.


National Lottery Act proposes harmful amendments to the 1976 Act.

Football lottery managers attend crisis meeting in Nottingham.

131 attend Conference at Man Utd dominated by fear of National Lottery Delegates include two club chairmen and a director.

Subsequent intensive lobbying by Chairman and officers and write-in campaign by members leads to meeting with Standing Committee.

Leads to concessions on frequency, expenses, and annual turnover from £50,000 to £250,000.


National Lottery etc, Act 1993 laid before Parliament.

Conference & AGM held at Lancashire CCC.

Council publishes “The Acts Combined” enabling members easier to understand the 1976 and 1993 Acts.

Council resigns from A.E.L.L.E. (Association of State Lotteries).

First weekly draw of the National Lottery takes place in November.

Reports of NL not permitting retailers to continue selling societies lotteries.


Conference & AGM at Leicester City FC.

Some members report losses to the National Lottery.

Peter Davis from Camelot unsympathetic to “whingeing” members.

Regional meetings feature session on “How to combat the National Lottery”.

Council appeals to Home Office Minister on unfair competition from NL scratchcards.

Heritage Secretary announces review of National Lottery. 


Conference at Yorkshire CCC, Headingley.

Tony Shaw signals resignation at 1997 AGM.

Council officers attend Home Office to discuss 80/20 Prizes& Expenses/Donation proposal.

Customs & Excise attend regional meetings to advise on VAT

Chairman writes to MPs to oppose NL midweek draw.

Sue Brierley appointed Executive Officer.


Conference 1997 at Aston Villa FC.

Michael Edwardes-Evans elected Chairman; George Wilson, Secretary.

Inland Revenue send speaker on ticket beneficiary wording.

80/20 Rule granted by Statutory Instrument.

Proposal for Lotteries Council to operate its own lottery defeated.

National Health Lottery fails with £10M debts.


Conference at Savoy Hotel, Blackpool.

David Amess and Robin Corbett MP elected Vice-Presidents.

Gaming Board question control of counterfoil lotteries.

Draft Bill introduced to prevent KENO-type (frequent draw) lotteries.

Council seeks permission to hold rollovers.

Home Office announces Gov't intention to legislate against on-line lotteries.


Conference at Telford Golf & Country Club.

Council holds Reception in House of Commons to raise its profile.


Conference at Palace Hotel, Buxton.

Alan Austin elected Chairman.

Mike Head (REHAB), former Head of Gambling at Home Office joins Exec. Committee.

Working Group on Gambling Bill formed comprising Chairman; Lord Mancroft; Vice-Chairman; Mike Head; Peter Jones.

Gambling Review Body under Sir Alan Budd set up to explore means of modernising the industry.


Conference again at Buxton.

Lord Morris among speakers.

Peter Jones elected Hon. Secretary.

Michael Edwardes-Evans, Alan Austin and Don Haigh-Ellery give evidence.

Gambling Review Body (Budd) Report published; generally favourable to society lotteries.


Conference at Cheltenham Park Hotel.

Last for Executive Officer Sue Brierley

Gaming Board Chairman Peter Dean speaks on the implications of the Gambling Review; John Greenway MP on a Parliamentary view.

President, VPs and Officers meet Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell to appeal for relaxation of society lottery limits.

Council representative invited to join Gambling Industry Liaison Group monthly meetings as consultation leading to a gambling Bill.

Culture Minister of State increases lottery limits to £2 ticket price; single lottery gross to £2M; annual turnover £10M.

Peter Pike MP agrees to become VP. 


Conference held at Lea Marston Hotel, Sutton Coldfield.

First for Executive Officer Judith Horner

Speakers include Sir Alan Budd; Richard Caborn, Minister of State, DCMS;  and John Greenway MP who was to chair the Joint Committee on the Draft Gambling Bill.

Draft Bill released in November; some clauses would outlaw members' lotteries if enacted.


First of many Conferences at the Abbey Hotel, Redditch

John Greenway MP reports on Draft Gambling Bill.

Alan Austin and Mike Head give evidence to the Joint Committee with Peter Jones in support.

Answered questions on competition from the NL and from prize competitions.

From this point on, the work of the working group and members of the Executive Committee (later Board of Directors) evolved into a succession of consultations, submissions and meetings with Home Office (later DCMS) staff, Gaming Board (later Gambling Commission), and appearances before Government committees all with the object of protecting members' lottery fundraising through legislative changes.  Besides The Gambling Act, subjects included The National Lottery, ticketless and frequent draw lotteries, and lottery-like prize competitions.

The Gambling Commission continues to consult regularly on lottery-related issues, the Council continuing to defend members' interests under the stewardship of Clive Mollett who was elected Chairman in 2007.

The Lotteries Council was reconstituted as a company limited by guarantee in February.

Work in progress...

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