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Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries and competitions.


Decimalisation of UK currency.

Working Party to consider feasibility of large scale charitable and sporting lotteries.

Graham Page MP, former Minister for Local Government, a prominent supporter.


Working Party Report published.


Graham Page introduces Private Member's Bill to establish a new Lotteries Act.

Invites Tony Shaw to observe debate.  Bill defeated despite substantial support.

Graham Page MP convenes meeting of local authorities, charities, sporting organisations and printers under the name of The Lotteries Council. Roger Cummins elected Secretary.

Tony Shaw vice Chairman.

Council occupies offices in Dover Street.

First Executive Committee Meeting of Lotteries Council held.

Tony Shaw and Michael Ewardes-Evans draft Constitution and Rules.

Later appointed Chairman and Legal Adviser of Code of Conduct Committee.


Graham Page knighted.

First National Meeting held at Lords Hilton included four members from Home Office.

Council lobbies for increase in monetary limits.


Lotteries limits doubled.

Second National Meeting of Council at Ladbroke Westmorland Hotel.

Sir Graham Page's opening address saw the role of the Council  as“ identifying and serving the common interests of the Council and through its Code of Conduct, creating and maintaining the highest standards of fairness and honesty.”

Sir Graham dies on 1st October.

Jack Dunnett MP elected Chairman.

Sir Hector Munro MP elected first President.

Council membership exceeds 200.


AGM held at Barbican Centre.

Quarterly magazine “Lottery” introduced.

Marketing Committee set up with help from Saatchi & Saatchi.


Lotteries boom in decline; local authority lotteries closing.

Council elected to full membership of International Association of State Lotteries.


Council changes address to Michael Edwardes-Evans' offices in SW1.

Chairman and Secretary attend state lottery congress in Bangkok.


Decline of shop-based lotteries continues.

Roger Cummins resigns; John Solly (Glamorgan CC) becomes Secretary.

David Blakemore (Warwickshire CC) becomes Vice Chairman.

Jack Dunnett MP resigns; Tony Shaw elected to Chair.

Tom Pendry MP replaces Sir Hector Munro as President.

AGM held at Hinckley, near Birmingham. 


First Annual Conference and AGM held at Warwickshire CC.

Speakers from Gaming Board, Legal Adviser and Council members. Feasibility of new 50p ticket limit discussed.

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