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Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries and competitions.

Mr David Amess MP


Mr Tony Shaw


Mr Alan Austin


Mr Tony Vick

Chairman & Health CICs

Mr Garth Caswell

Vice Chairman

Mr Peter Jones

Hon. Secretary & PlayPrint Ltd

Mr John Maguire

Hon Treasurer & Celtic Pools




Mr Garth Caswell

Caswell Management Solutions Limited

Mr David Griffiths

The Hospice Lottery Partnership

Mr Jason Haigh-Ellery

CFP Lottery & Raffles Ltd

Mr Ged Jones

Lottery Fundraising Services

Mr Matthew Lee

Cash Bonanza Club

Mr Julian Naylor

Tower Lottery Partnership Limited

Mr Jonathan Pannaman

The Health Lottery

Mr Darrell Turton

Everton F.C

Mr Gary Hawkes

Local Hospice Lottery

Ms Clara Govier

Postcode Lottery

Ms Melissa de Vos

 Treetops Hospice Care

Mr Cliff Young


Special Advisors to the Board 


Ms Anne-Marie Piper


Mr Alan Armstrong




tony shaw



Vice President: Founder member and the first Vice Chairman of the Council to Sir Graham Page.MP.  A former Minister and a solicitor whom I became acquainted with in 1974 whilst lobbying prior to the 1976 Gaming Act. My first interest in lotteries was whilst working for a large Charity Football Pool in 1962.  Later, I became a registered Pools Promoter with Wolverhampton Wanderer .FC. .and when I moved to Crystal Palace F.C, lotteries became an important item of my Commercial duties. Even when I later became CEO of two further clubs, maintaining a successful club lottery was important to me.   I Became Chairman of the Council in 1985 succeeding Jack Dunnett M.P., President of the Football League, and he like Sir Graham, was also a solicitor. During my 13 years as Chairman, I also temporarily became the Executive Officer of the Council during a particularly difficult period leading up to the 1993 National Lottery Act.  I was succeeded as Chairman by good friend and colleague Michael Edwardes -Evans in 1997. I then became the first non-parliamentarian to be appointed a Vice President of the Council. Remained an active member until early 2003 when the death of my youngest son took me away from the centre ground. Having never missed a conference or AGM until 2011, I am now retired from the “front line” but still occasionally attend a London Area Board Meeting and hope to make one more Conference in the future.

alan austin 02



Vice President: Alan Austin started  in prize-led fundraising on joining the Cancer & Polio Research Fund pools in the early 1960s.  After 11 years he briefly worked in local government then joined the sales team of the then Dickinson Lottery Systems, meeting with local authorities, sports clubs and charities to market a range of scratchcard and counterfoil lottery plans in the North of England and Scotland.  In the early 1980s  he accepted an approach to head the operation of Celtic Development Pools Ltd in Glasgow, then in 1988 Alan was offered the job of General Manager of the Manchester United Development Association, a post in which he remained until his retirement in September 2004.  Here he streamlined the admin systems, installing the first computer network and on-line banking at Old Trafford in the process, and devised new incentives to encourage support for the annual raffles and match day draws he introduced to complement the weekly pool competition and scratch-card lotteries.  On his retirement he and his team were credited with having raised £5m during his tenure.  He joined the Executive Committee, later Board, of the Lotteries Council in 1993, and on being elected Chairman in 2000 his first task was to form the working group which represented the Council through the inquiry of the Gambling Review Body and the government consultations leading to the 2005 Gambling Act.  He stepped down in 2007, limiting his attendance to the northern board meetings and annual conferences.



  Chairman: I have been a Finance Director in the not-for-profit healthcare sector for over 25 years, working at organisations such as the Royal Masonic Hospital, the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth (incorporating St John’s Hospice) and The Hospital Management Trust. As well as the usual responsibilities for finance and IT, I have also regularly had the challenging responsibility for maximising voluntary income through fundraising. For the last few years, I have been a director of the 51 Community Interest Companies which were formed to address health inequalities throughout Great Britain and raise money to do so by operating lotteries under the banner of “The Health Lottery”.

garth caswell



Vice Chairman: Garth Caswell entered the fundraising world when he joined Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice in March 1998 to set up and develop a weekly subscription lottery. Prior to this he worked as an engineer and senior manager for British Gas for over 28 years. Garth developed the Ty Hafan lottery to a 42,000 membership and was also responsible for operating a chain of 22 charity shops. He left Ty Hafan in May 2012 to work as an independent consultant on all things ‘lottery’ which he does to this day. Garth was Chairman of the Hospice Lotteries Association between 2003 and 2012, representing over 120 hospices throughout the UK. He is well known throughout the industry and continues to be in regular contact with the Gambling Commission during his consultancy work. He is a Personal Management Licence (PML) holder and a chartered engineer. He enjoys caravanning and travelling with his wife Sandra and carp fishing when time permits.

peter jones



Hon Secretary: My first experience of lotteries was running the tote for my Sunday football team I ended up getting 3 other clubs to join us and we financed our football through the profits from the tote. Professionally I became the Promotions Manager at Birmingham City Football Club running the Development Association lottery in 1978. Nearly all of my peers in those days were in commercial football running lotteries prior the 1976 Act. Most changed from subscription lotteries to instant win scratch cards, the Act had upped the stake from 10p to 25p and the top prize from £100 to £1000. The year Birmingham sold Trevor Francis to Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest for the first £1,000,000 transfer we made over £200,000 from 25p tickets. There were twenty one (that I was aware of) scratch card printers chasing the business in those days and sports clubs were the main operators at that time. In the 80’s the opportunity arose to join one of the biggest supplies at the time Wishbone Print conveniently for me based in Birmingham and a ‘stone’s throw’ from my office at the football club, a similar location but a very different position. That started a long association with Wishbone as an employee and later a customer where with two co-directors we used Wishbone and other suppliers to service the lottery industry.

john maguire



Hon Treasurer: John Maguire: John has been involved with lotteries fundraising for over 37 years.  He has been Managing Director of Celtic Pools since 1989 and under his leadership and guidance the Company has sold over 67 Million lottery tickets and donated over £26 million to Celtic FC Youth Development.  He is honoured to have been a Director of the Lotteries Council for 14 years and will continue to assist his fellow Directors in ensuring that the views and interests of the membership are protected, enhanced and promoted within the gambling industry.

jason haigh ellery



Having helped clients develop lotteries and raffles in Great Britain for over 25 years, Jason has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with several of the largest charities in Great Britain raising over £30 million this year. He also consults overseas in Ireland, America and Australia. As a consultant and External Lottery Manager he has helped to raise over £360 million and rising. He presently works with over forty charities, three of them internationally. Additionally, Jason has successfully lobbied to bring positive changes for the sector and co-authored ‘Lotteries: A Guide to Good Practice’.

ged jones



Ged has worked in the lottery industry for 12 years, and is currently Chief Executive of the ELM Lottery Fundraising Services, who provide canvassing to full lottery management to charities across the UK . He has extensive experience in the third sector and prior to his current role, spent 7 years at North West Air Ambulance where he grew the weekly draw from 7,000 members to 65,000 paying members per week. From a sales and marketing background in the leisure industry, he has applied the development skills gained in commerce to the Third Sector. Ged also has experience of leading fundraising teams and in the strategic planning and delivery of fundraising and marketing campaigns. Married with two young children his ambition is to have a good night sleep.

matthew lee



Matthew has over 20 years’ experience working in lotteries, starting in 1989 soon becoming part of developing a new and very successful door to door operation for a sporting organisation. As well as overseeing the overall running of the lottery we have also developed new income streams into the lottery from one off sales to Direct Debit payments. Matthew has been working for the Giant Cash Bonanza Society (Gambling Commission Registered) since 2008 and has been able to develop one of the largest £2 Direct Debit lotteries. From his experience in the sporting environment Matthew is very keen to develop more services which helps support the sporting sector within the Lotteries Council.


GaryH small


  With a dissertation on punk rock forming the bedrock of his first degree, the voluntary sector seemed a natural home for Gary after graduating.
Starting as a regional fundraiser from grant making trusts at NCH (National Children’s Home) in 1991 Gary spent 7 years at one of the country’s leading child care charities including roles as a Homelessness Worker and eventually leading a small team managing the charity’s approaches to grant making trusts and market research programme.
Entering the world of Hospice fundraising in 1997 as Trusts and European Fundraising Manager at Marie Curie Cancer Care, Gary increased the charity’s income from grant making bodies from £500,000 to £3 million. During his time at Marie Curie Gary’s role developed and included taking responsibility for the charity’s capital appeals and major donor programme as well as working with partners in the NHS to develop and secure £6 million of NOF funding. He also completed an MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising with a dissertation on grant making foundations.
In January 2004, Gary joined Farleigh Hospice as Head of Fundraising & PR one month before the launch of the public appeal for the new Farleigh Hospice.  Gary’s current role includes responsibility for the charity’s fundraising, PR, lottery and retail operations.  During his time in post the charity has won Best Community Campaign at the 2006 Fundraising Awards for Light up a Life and a Third Sector Excellence Award for Brand Development in the same year.  Between 2007 and 2011 Gary served as a trustee of Help the Hospices.  Since 2007 Gary has overseen the development of Local Hospice Lottery Ltd as a product that raises funds for other hospices in addition to Farleigh Hospice.  This has seen the lottery become the fastest growing hospice lottery in the country with over 150,000 members. Due to this success Gary was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Local Hospice Lottery in January 2015.  Local Hospice Lottery were awarded Lotteries Council “Lottery Operator of the Year” in 2018 and have now raised over £20m for hospice care. Gary has just completed a Masters in Health Research at Lancaster University but finds that the dissertation in punk rock still comes in useful.

Clara Govier



Clara has extensive experience within the society lottery fundraising sector and its impact in creating lasting social change. She is managing director of People’s Postcode Lottery, which along with its sister lotteries is part of the world’s third largest private charity donor.
Clara has been with People’s Postcode Lottery since 2010. During this time the total amount raised for charities and good causes has increased from £11 million to over £330 million, with players supporting 4,000 charities in Great Britain and internationally.
With a career spanning the communications and charity sectors, Clara has previously held senior media relations roles at Scottish Wildlife Trust, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.
Clara also serves on the board of the Nationwide Foundation, the Finance and Risk Committee and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Fundraising and the Association of Chief Executives of Scottish Voluntary Organisations.

julian naylor



Nottingham born father of three Julian has been involved in lotteries for many years, covering sectors as diverse as football clubs through to hospices and air ambulance lotteries. A director of Tower Lottery Partnership Limited, an External Lottery Manager and service provider, he is passionate about the sector, an active board member of The Lotteries Council and well known as the face of the annual conference and regional meetings. Over the years he has developed a close working relationship with The Gambling Commission, and regularly speaks at Sector specific events. Funny fact: At the annual village fancy dress event, Julian's wife has made him dress up as, amongst other things....an Avatar and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

jonathan pannaman



Jonathan is Compliance Manager at The Health Lottery (ELM) Limited.  He has over 25 years’ experience as a charity fundraiser and has worked for some of the largest charities in the UK. As well as overseeing the day-to-day running of one of the most profitable raffles in the charity sector, Jonathan has been a successful Corporate Fundraiser and worked as an ELM for 4 years on client development including online and offline gaming and compliance.  Jonathan is keen to use his extensive experience as a professional fundraiser and lottery service provider to help develop and expand the services of the Lotteries Council to fully reflect the needs of the charity lottery sector.

darrell turton



I bring to the table 15 years’ experience of society lotteries starting albeit fortuitously in 1998 at Blackpool FC. My role was all encompassing - an administrator, data processor, data manager, print and design manager, collector and then finally into a lottery manager. In 2006 I moved to Burnley Football Club has a Lottery Development Manager concentrating on sponsorship opportunities, new product streams, marketing, door to door canvassing, business to business canvassing and with respect to the new Act, compliance. In 2008 Everton FC came calling; has Head of Lotteries I now do everything I have done before but on a grander scale with a huge target audience and multimedia opportunities.

David Griffiths photo



I have been involved with lotteries for over eight years, firstly with Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice in South Wales then with Prize Provision Services (The Weather Lottery) and now at the Hospice Lottery Partnership. I have expertise in marketing, administration and compliance and have presented and run workshops at regional meetings and National Conferences both for the Lotteries Council and for the Hospice Lotteries Association.

As well as running a single service society lottery at Ty Hafan, I have experience of running multiple society lotteries – over 850 – as an External Lottery Manager as well as partnership working with HLP.  I joined the Board of the Lotteries Council in April 2014 to help develop the knowledge and understanding of lotteries fundraising in the UK and to contribute some of my experience to guiding and supporting the work of the member organisations that are stakeholders in the industry.




After nearly 20 years working at the Gambling Commission and its predecessor the Gaming Board I am excited to be given the opportunity to join the Lotteries Council Board of Directors. During my time working at the regulator I held a number of roles including Head of the Lotteries Team, National Compliance Manager and Senior Sector Specialist. I have always been impressed by the dedication and commitment of people in the lottery sector and how hard they work to grow their lotteries to raise funds for the very important work done by the charities and other good causes they support. I hope that I will be able to use my knowledge and experience of the regulatory framework to help those in the sector to be compliant and to continue the impressive growth we have seen in the sector in the past. I am very grateful to the Lotteries Council for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with you in the future.







George is a board representative for Heart Research Institute.  He has been involved with the Council for the last few years sitting on the Public Affairs Committee.  George’s background spans finance and in the last 6 years the ELM space.  He was Managing Director 2 at a well-known ELM before co-founding a challenger ELM focused on digital progression for the Society Lottery space – before it was acquired into CFP Lottery & Raffles. 



Malcolm Fleming Clean background




Malcolm is Head of Public Affairs at People’s Postcode Lottery and Chair of the Public Affairs Committee of the Lotteries Council. In these roles he leads engagement with Government and Parliament for the charity lottery sector. Prior to joining People’s Postcode Lottery in 2016, he worked for five years as a Special Adviser to the First Minister of Scotland and prior to that worked for Oxfam for eight years, both in the UK and overseas, specialising in communications and campaigns. This mix of both a charity and political background means that he is well suited to represent charity lottery fundraising with politicians.



Profile Picture





Melissa de Vos emigrated to England from South Africa in 2008 bringing with her considerable experience from previous commercial roles. She has held Directorships in three companies as well as volunteering to sit on the Board of a South African Tourism Board. Mel’s many transferable skills as a Businesswoman, Saleswoman, Negotiator, Manager, Coach, Administrator, and Presenter were a good foundation for her transition into the hospice lotteries sector. Mel joined Treetops Hospice Care in 2008 and has been successfully developing and managing the lottery since 2010. Mel would like to be actively involved in framing the future of the Lotteries Sector and therefore felt that by joining The Lotteries Council Board it would give her the opportunity to work from within, and give something back to the industry in which she has found such a welcome home.

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