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Together: We are one voice for everyone operating and supporting prize-led fundraising through lotteries.

The Lotteries Councils is funded in the main by membership subscription and therefore good governance to ensure members receive a fair return is clearly important. The Directors, elected by the membership to serve on the Board of the Lotteries Council, take their legal duties of care very seriously; and all Directors are very aware of their accountability to the wider membership community and the public for the performance of the Council as a whole.

Our Structure Chart can be viewed here.

In observance of this accountability and to ensure good Governance takes place, the council has made arrangements on behalf of members:

  • Articles of Association are in place and regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose.
  • an AGM takes place at which annual accounts are published or a financial statement is presented.
  • There is an annual budget setting process in place, through a sub-committee who meet on a regular basis. Monitoring processes are also in place through both the sub-committee and the board.
  • Forward planning in undertaken through a sub-committee, working to a rolling 3 year strategy ‘The Way Forward’ which is approved annually by the board.
  • Compliance with all relevant standards and legal obligations is monitored by an appointed legal professional who attends board meetings on request.

The Council Director’s influence and control the Councils’ future direction as well as ensuring the Executive Officer maintains the quality and quantity of service for the membership. The Executive is responsible for putting into practice the plans and decisions made by the Directors. 

In this section you can find information about who is a Director. Plus details of the executive structure and post holders. Please use the quick links box above/left.

The very existence of the Council today is down to the vision and commitment of likeminded people over more than 40 years; please download the following two documents (PDF format) that pay tribute to these people: 

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